Single Stick Handoff

This is a variation on single sticking. Lets say that you are single sticking by doing half flips of the devilstick, the handstick is in your right hand. After you hit a forehand hit on the right side, pass the handstick to the left hand. This pass is not thrown, but it is a handoff from one hand to the other. The left hand can then catch the devilstick and go into single sticking with the left hand. Once you get this handoff down, then work on passing the handstick back and forth on every half flip. This is like doing a normal Idle with half flips, except that there is only one handstick used.

The pass:
There are two slightly different ways of passing the handstick back and forth. The first is to keep the handstick perpendicular to your body for the pass. With this pass the left hand holds the handstick on the same side the right hand does. The second variation is to have the handstick in a parallel position to your body when passing (and parallel to the ground). In this variation the left hand will hold the opposite end of the handstick than the right hand.

Translations of this trick:


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