Single Sticking

Single sticking is when you keep the devilstick in the air with only one of the handsticks. There are many different tricks that can be performed with one handstick. I am going to cover two different versions of idling with a single handstick. The first method of single sticking is the easier of the two.

Start off doing an Idle. When the right handstick tosses the devilstick, give it extra spin so the devilstick will do a half flip. Now rather than the left handstick hitting the devilstick, bring the right handstick over to the location where the left handstick would be. Then after the devilstick has done its half flip hit the devilstick with the right handstick, which is on your left side. I call this a backhand hit. You can then keep this going by hitting the devilstick with forehand and backhand hits while giving the devilstick half flips between hits.

In the picture I am about to do the right hand backhand hit.

The second variation is to give the devilstick only quarter flips. This is a harder method because the devilstick is hit much quicker. Also, after a forehand hit the handstick needs to be taken out of the plane of the devilstick and moved to the other side for the backhand hit.

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