Stop & Go Reversals

This is a variation of the Stop & Go where you are changing the direction of the devilstick spin on each stop.

From a Stop & Go, or an Idle, stop the devilstick in a horizontal position with the right handstick. Take the left handstick and do a backhand hit (you are hitting the devilstick on the same side you did the stop on) to reverse the direction of the devilstick. Then have the left handstick stop the devilstick in a horizontal position. Bring the right handstick over to do a backhand hit, reversing the direction, which will bring you back to the right hand stop again. So you are doing a backhand hit to a stop with each handstick. Then just keep doing the Stop & Go's with the reversals on each side.

Be sure to keep the devilstick as horizontal as possible on the stops, otherwise it is hard to do the backhand hits.

Translations of this trick:


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