Helicopter Tap

The helicopter tap, also called a pancake hit or a bop (for those on the other side of the pond), is a way to hit the devilstick with one handstick out of a helicopter spin.

Get the devilstick in a Helicopter spin. Rather than doing a normal hit with a handstick, what you need to do is to hit the devilstick in the center. You can then keep hitting, or 'tapping', the devilstick with the same handstick in the center. The taps will be on every half turn of the devilstick. If the devilstick is spinning faster, then you can do a tap on a full turn of the devilstick.

When doing the helicopter, the devilstick never actually gets into a totally flat spin. When you do consecutive helicopter taps it is easier if you can get the devilstick into a totally flat spin. To do this you will need to try to hit the devilstick a little off center on the first tap. Hit it on the side of the devilstick that is lower. This is also the side of the devilstick that is not hit while doing the helicopter. This will raise one side of the devilstick so it is totally flat.

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