I found this trick on Seth Golub's page of devilstick tricks. The idea is to make the devilstick jump over a handstick (or other object or body part).

From an Idle, catch the devilstick on the right handstick just below center after the toss from the left side. Start to bring the devilstick under the left handstick. You are going to sort of do a single propeller on the right handstick. Just as the left handstick passes over the right, give the devilstick a propeller flip in the clockwise direction over the left handstick. The devilstick will "hurdle" over the left handstick and will not touch it. The move is similar to the Windmill, except that the devilstick does not roll over the one handstick.

Some of the things you can hurdle are the handsticks, your arm, or your leg. Also try to do consecutive hurdles (counting sheep as Seth says).

One real nice variation of this trick is to do a Baton Flourish when doing a hurdle over an arm. The devilstick is spinning in one plane of rotation and the handstick is spinning in another plane.

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