Single Stick With Horizontal Balance

The object here is to keep the devilstick in a horizontal position when hitting it with the handstick.

This is a single sticking trick that you can get into from an Idle or other similar type trick. When the handstick hits the devilstick it doesn't give it any toss or flip. What you are trying to with the devilstick is to tap it on either side to keep it in a horizontal position so you can eventually balance it on a handstick. When the devilstick is balancing on a handstick the center of it is resting on the handstick.

In the picture I have the center of the devilstick balanced on the handstick.

What to do from here:
From this position, devilstick balancing on the handstick, I like to use the other handstick to hit the devilstick into a horizontal spin (like a helicopter). You can then do a few helicopter taps.

Translations of this trick:


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